SASSA Reapplication For R350

The SASSA R350 grant has provided much-needed financial relief to millions of South Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic. With unemployment still high, many rely on this grant to cover basic living expenses. If your initial application was unsuccessful, you may reapply by following these steps:

Overview of the SASSA R350 Grant Reapplication Process

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) allows applicants to reapply for the R350 grant if their initial application was rejected. Here is an overview of the reapplication process:

  • Check why your initial R350 application was rejected. This will be specified in the SMS or email you received from SASSA.
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. You must be 18-59 years old, unemployed, and not receiving any other social grants.
  • Submit a reapplication through the SASSA online portal, WhatsApp, or at your nearest SASSA office.
  • Provide your ID number and cell phone number to start the reapplication.
  • SASSA will re-verify your details with Home Affairs, bank statements, etc.
  • Check the status of your R350 reapplication online or wait for an SMS informing you if approved/declined.

You must reapply within 30 days of being declined. If approved, payment dates remain the same as other recipients. Continue reading for detailed reapplication instructions.

Reasons Why Your Initial SASSA R350 Application May Have Been Rejected

Before reapplying, it’s important to understand why SASSA rejected your initial R350 grant application. Common reasons include:

  • Identity verification failed – Your ID details did not match Home Affairs records.
  • Age outside 18-59 range – You must be within 18-59 years old during the application period.
  • Other income identified – You had over R624 in your bank account in the past 3 months.
  • Receiving UIF – SASSA detected UIF payments to your bank account.
  • Receiving NSFAS funding – NSFAS payments were made to you.
  • Existing social grant – You already receive another SASSA grant.

Ensure these issues are resolved before you proceed with reapplying for reconsideration of the R350 grant by SASSA.

How to Reapply for the SASSA R350 Grant Online

Follow these steps to reapply online for the R350 grant if your initial application was unsuccessful:

  1. Go to the SASSA website:
  2. Click on “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication”
  3. Enter your ID number and cell phone number used in your initial application
  4. Verify your identity with the OTP sent to your phone
  5. Carefully go through each section to update your personal details
  6. Double check that all your information is accurately captured
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  8. Click submit to complete your R350 reapplication

If you experience any issues with the online reapplication process, contact the SASSA call center for assistance at 0800 601011.

How to Reapply via WhatsApp

An alternative is to reapply via WhatsApp by following these simple steps:

  1. Save the SASSA WhatsApp number – 082 046 8553
  2. Send a message saying “Hi” to start the application bot
  3. Provide your ID number, surname, and date of birth when prompted
  4. Agree to the consent form to allow identity verification
  5. Accurately complete all sections as per the chat prompts
  6. You will receive an OTP – enter it to verify your cell number
  7. Click the link you are sent to complete the R350 reapplication

This WhatsApp reapplication process makes it quick and convenient to reapply for reconsideration if your first R350 application failed.

How to Check the Status of Your SASSA R350 Reapplication

After submitting your reapplication for the R350 grant, you can check the status online to see if you have been approved or declined:

  1. Go to the SASSA Status Check website
  2. Enter the cell number used in your reapplication
  3. Input your ID number
  4. Click “Submit” to see your reapplication status

Possible statuses you may see include:

  • Pending – Your reapplication is still being processed by SASSA
  • Valid – Your reapplication was successful and you qualify for the R350 grant
  • Rejected – Unfortunately your reapplication was declined by SASSA

If your reapplication status has been pending for some time, contact SASSA on 0800 601 011 for assistance.

How to Reapply for the SASSA R350 Grant In Person

You can also reapply in person at your nearest SASSA office by following these steps:

  1. Download the SASSA Reapplication Form
  2. Print and fill out the form with your updated personal details
  3. Gather copies of your ID, proof of residence, and any other required documents
  4. Take the completed reapplication form and supporting documents to your closest SASSA office
  5. Attach the reason for your initial rejection as provided by SASSA
  6. Submit your documents to the SASSA officer for processing

This allows you to engage directly with SASSA staff to ensure your reapplication is in order before submission.

How Long Does the Reapplication Process Take?

SASSA typically takes around 90 days to process R350 reapplications and inform applicants of the outcome via SMS. This allows time for SASSA to thoroughly re-verify your personal details with third-parties like banks and Home Affairs.

Your reapplication status will show as “pending” on the website during this period. Avoid reapplying multiple times as it will delay processing.

Can I Submit More Than One Reapplication?

No, SASSA advises that you should only submit one R350 reapplication through either the online portal, WhatsApp, or in-person. Submitting multiple reapplications will slow down processing and may lead to rejection.

Rather ensure your single reapplication is completely accurate for the best chance of approval.

When Can I Expect Payment If My Reapplication Is Approved?

If your SASSA R350 grant reapplication is successfully approved, you can expect payment around the same dates as other recipients.

Here are the estimated R350 grant payment dates for 2023:

  • 10 January 2023
  • 10 February 2023
  • 10 March 2023
  • 11 April 2023
  • 10 May 2023
  • 10 June 2023
  • 10 July 2023
  • 10 August 2023
  • 10 September 2023
  • 10 October 2023
  • 10 November 2023
  • 10 December 2023

Payments are made on the 6th or 7th of each month if the 10th falls on a weekend or public holiday. The money will be deposited into the bank account provided in your approved reapplication.

How Often Do I Need to Reapply for the R350 Grant?

If your reapplication is approved, you only need to apply once. You will then receive payments each month until the grant ends, provided you continue meeting the eligibility criteria.

However, if your circumstances change, resulting in you no longer qualifying, you must notify SASSA to stop payments.

Can I Appeal If My Reapplication Is Rejected Again?

Yes, if SASSA rejects your R350 reapplication, you can lodge an appeal within 30 days of being declined. You will have to provide evidence and documentation that proves you qualify.

To start the appeals process, contact the SASSA call center on 0800 601 011 for guidance from an agent.

People Also Ask

What documents do I need for SASSA R350 reapplication?

When reapplying for the R350 grant, have copies of your South African ID, proof of residence, bank statements, reason for initial rejection letter from SASSA, and any other documents that confirm your eligibility.

Can I reapply for R350 after being rejected?

Yes, if your initial R350 application was rejected you can reapply within 30 days online, via WhatsApp, or through your nearest SASSA office. Ensure the reason for rejection is resolved.

How do I reapply for an existing SASSA grant?

Go to and click on “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication”. Enter your ID and number to update your details and submit for reapplying.

What is the number to reapply for Sassa?

You can contact the SASSA call center on 0800 601 011 to get advice on reapplying. Alternatively, save 082 046 8553 on WhatsApp to start the reapplication chatbot.

Can I appeal if Sassa reconsideration is declined?

Yes, if your R350 grant reapplication is unsuccessful, you may lodge a formal appeal with SASSA within 30 days. Provide any evidence that proves your eligibility for reconsideration.


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