How to Appeal SASSA R350 Grant Rejection With Moya App

If you applied for the SASSA R350 COVID-19 grant and got rejected, you can appeal the decision using the Moya app. The appeal or reconsideration process allows you to provide additional information to SASSA for them to review your application again. With the Moya app, you can easily check your grant status and submit an appeal if you disagree with the rejection.

Steps to Appeal SASSA R350 Rejection on Moya App

Here are the steps to follow to appeal a SASSA R350 grant rejection using the Moya app:

  1. Open the Moya app – Launch the app on your phone and wait for it to fully load.
  2. Find the reconsideration section – Scroll down and look for the “Application for reconsideration” section.
  3. Click the reconsideration button – Tap on the yellow “Click here to apply online or check reconsideration” button.
  4. Enter ID and phone number – On the next page, enter your ID number and the phone number used for the application.
  5. Get and enter PIN – You’ll receive a PIN on your phone. Enter it on the app.
  6. Select reason for rejection – Choose the option that matches why your application was rejected.
  7. Submit reconsideration – After entering all details, submit the reconsideration application.
  8. Wait for outcome – It may take some time for SASSA to review. Check back later for status updates.

That’s it! Those are the simple steps to follow on the Moya app to appeal or request a reconsideration of your rejected SASSA R350 COVID-19 grant application. Be sure to provide accurate information and clearly explain why you disagree with the rejection. SASSA will then reassess your application and inform you of the appeal outcome.

People Also Ask

How long does it take for SASSA to respond to an appeal?

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for SASSA to respond after you submit a reconsideration or appeal on the Moya app. The exact timeline depends on how many applications they have to review. Be patient as SASSA works through the appeals.

What reasons can I give to appeal a rejection?

Some common reasons to appeal a SASSA R350 rejection include: being unemployed, not receiving any other grants, not being registered for UIF, not having an alternative source of income, incorrectly rejected as a minor, and other errors in your application details.

Can I submit missing documents to support my appeal?

Unfortunately, the Moya app appeal process does not allow you to directly submit additional documents. However, you can provide explanatory details in the appeal application fields to clarify any issues.

What if my appeal is rejected again?

If SASSA rejects your appeal or reconsideration request, you can escalate it further to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) within 90 days. Carefully review their appeal process and submit your case.

How do I check the status of my Moya app appeal?

To check the status of your reconsideration application, simply log back into the Moya app, go to the appeal section, and enter your ID number. It will display updates on whether your appeal is still pending, approved, or rejected.


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