How to Register Your Maid for UIF?

If your maid works for more than 24 hours a month, you must register them with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). This guide explains all the steps to ensure compliance and offers tips to make the process easier.

Steps to Register Your Maid for UIF

1. Understand the Requirements

Any domestic worker who works more than 24 hours per month needs to be registered with the UIF. This includes maids, gardeners, and other household helpers.

2. Choose a Registration Method

You can register your maid through one of the following methods:

  • By phone at 012 337 1680
  • Via email at
  • By mail to:The UIF
  • In person at your nearest Labour Centre

3. Visit the Department of Labour Website

For detailed information and additional resources, you can visit the Department of Labour website. This site provides comprehensive guidelines on the registration process.

4. Obtain a UIF Reference Number

Once registered, you will receive a UIF reference number. Keep this number safe as you will need it for future transactions and updates.

5. Register on the Ufiling Website

With your UIF reference number, you can now register on the Ufiling website. This platform allows you to manage your UIF payments and updates online, making the process more convenient.

Why Registering for UIF is Important

Registering your maid for UIF ensures they are protected in case of unemployment, maternity leave, or illness. This financial safety net is a crucial benefit for domestic workers, providing them with support during difficult times.

Benefits of UIF for Employers and Employees

For Employers

  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Avoiding potential fines or legal issues
  • Peace of mind knowing your employee is protected

For Employees

  • Financial support during unemployment
  • Maternity and illness benefits
  • Security and peace of mind

People Also Ask

What is UIF and why is it important?

UIF stands for Unemployment Insurance Fund. It provides financial support to workers during unemployment, maternity leave, or illness, ensuring their security during tough times.

Who needs to register for UIF?

Any employee working more than 24 hours a month, including domestic workers like maids and gardeners, must be registered for UIF.

How do I register my maid for UIF?

You can register your maid via phone, email, mail, or by visiting your nearest Labour Centre. Details are available on the Department of Labour website.

What is the UIF reference number?

The UIF reference number is a unique identifier you receive after registering your employee for UIF. It is needed for all future transactions and updates.

How can I manage UIF payments and updates?

Once you have a UIF reference number, you can manage your payments and updates online through the Ufiling website.

What benefits does UIF provide to employees?

UIF provides financial support during unemployment, maternity leave, and illness, offering a crucial safety net for workers.

Can I register for UIF online?

Yes, you can register for UIF online by visiting the Ufiling website after obtaining a UIF reference number.

Where can I find more information about UIF registration?

More information about UIF registration can be found on the Department of Labour website.

What happens if I don’t register my maid for UIF?

Failing to register your maid for UIF can result in legal consequences and fines, as it is a legal requirement for employers.

Registering your maid for UIF is a crucial responsibility that ensures their well-being and complies with the law. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to make the process straightforward and beneficial for both you and your employee.


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